Update on update

My puppy has grown so much!! He is starting to bite less and is pretty well trained now! I am definitely not worried about the stalker now, considering whoever it was never came back. I think the reason why I was so angry was because due to trauma I had recently gone through, I had so many emotions bottled up inside. I had random bursts of tears during classes at school. Now that it is summer it is easier to see more clearly and focus on my well being. I had a breakdown again yesterday and have been in bed all day today, but I made these last few hours a little bit more. I got out of bed and showered and stuff and it made me feel better for a while. Every night I have left the light on, as if I am afraid of the dark. But, I also have not been sleeping very much at all. I have terrible nightmares and can’t stand the thought of trying to sleep just so I can put myself through these nightmares. I will soon be on PTSD medicines to rid of those. ❤


Uh oh

I haven’t writen in a while. I miss you guys!! ❤ Beware, the plot is about to thicken. After reading this, you will understand why I took a break from writing you wonderful people. Here it goes, I was raped. No, I’m not joking. I’ve gone to a psychologist, talked to the police, gone to my OB/GYN. I am NOT pregnant and free of ALL STD’s. Big relief. Keep you posted on my journey to mental recovery and happiness.


So apparently there’s someone obsessed with either me or my sister. Last night, he came to my house and left flowers and a note that was very… Sexual. He stood at the side of the door for a really long time. He’s a pretty big guy, but no one saw his face. The police said they think it is a mentally ill adult that is obsessed with one of us and wants to… Do things… Keep you posted!!


Currently, I’m considering moving in with my best friend. It’s definitely a possibility. I don’t want to leave this town to live with my dad, but I can’t stay with my mom! Just trying to get through the school year, then we will see where I go. Keep you posted!


The word “boys” is kind of a four letter word to me. I’ve had bad experiences with guys my whole life. With my dad, a sexual assault in middle school, and just confusion for high school. I’ve never really had a boyfriend, but I’ve kissed one guy… I also had sex with him. It wasn’t good… I didn’t really want to. BUT, I agreed to. I did it to have THAT be my sexual experience, instead of what has happened to me in the past. What I know now though, it didn’t help me forget that experience the way I hope it would. Just another regret I guess… 


In this paragraph, names and states are changed: Growing up, I lived in Texas. When I was 12 My family and I (family listed below) moved to Florida. When I was 13, my sister, mom, and I came back to Texas. I have been living here since. I have a mom (Liz), a dad (Harry), and a sister (Carter). My sister is pretty cool, we have our good and bad days, but we pull through for eachother. My dad used to abuse me. I HATED him for years, but as of very, very recently I have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and we are working on our relationship. My mom is currently bat shit crazy. She doesn’t take responsibility for anything she has done in the past, unlike my dad. She is horrible, you will learn that. If you have questions please ask!!


Hey guys, I’m obviously currently 15. We’ll call me Peyton. Oh and I’m a girl. So, in this all names are going to be changed, including mine. But, ages and anything else are true. My first few posts are going to give you background information about me. That way, you all can be able to follow with what is going on. Let’s get started!